Raeann Lewis Pellegatti

Helping You Discover Your Genealogy!

As a professional researcher of genealogy, I help you discover your roots.

For example, we may be able to discover who your immigrant ancestors were and where they came from.  Or I can research one of your family lines back to a specific time period or individual.

Creating a Pedigree 

Building your own family tree? 

Feeling Stuck?


  • Looking for documenting evidence to prove a "family story"?
  • Identify people who descended from one family line or even a particular individual
  • DNA Research-Find Cousins by the Dozens!
  • And more....

Searching Records   

  • You save time
  • In most cases, you save subscription fees
  • I find and review the records for you.


  • I can give you advice and encouragement along the way.
  • Call for a free 20 minute consult to evaluate your needs.

Here are some typical searches I offer:

Birth and baptismal record searches

• Census record searches

• Church/parish record searches

• Court record searches

• Death certificate and obituary searches

• Deed Searches

• Divorce record searches


• Historical map searches

• Institutional record searches (schools, hospitals, asylums, etc.)

• Marriage certificate, church record or newspaper announcements

• Military record searches

• Newspaper archive searches (obituaries and news stories)

• Ships’ passenger list searches

• Tombstones/cemetery searches