Every  Family Has A Story
 Discover Yours!

These days it's common for us to be so busy building successful lives, raising children, or even raising our grandchildren that we have not thought much about discovering the treasures from our past.   


In these 3 easy steps you can begin your family history journey.  With my help, it will be less confusing and plain-old-fashioned fun!   Spend more time enjoying your family story "with your family".  I do all the "behind-the-scenes research work "for" you!

First Step - Determine Your Research Needs

You and I will review the existing information you already have.  The easy part is we can

do this in the comfort of your own home or office, over the phone

or via the internet, at your convenience.    (download the free questionnaire)

Types of documents you may already have:

  • Family histories and traditions.
  • Birth, death, and marriage certificates; obituaries; funeral programs; and so forth.
  • Diaries, journals, old letters, and photocopies of family information from Bibles.
  • Military records, naturalization certificates, photographs, and so forth.

What if I don't have "anything?' 
No worries!  We can begin with very few clues.

Step Two - Create An Action Plan

  • Summarize your research problem
  • Prioritize your goals
  • Identify options available to discover more about your family history

"We agree on a plan of action and I go to work"

Step Three - You'll receive your family history package

 Most Project Packages Include:

  • Family Pedigree and Group Charts (see example)
  • A historical narrative report (fully researched and analyzed)
  • List of sources searched (includes how and where you can acquire a hard copy)
  • Gedcom File
  • Suggestions for what you can do next

Your family has an ancestor waiting to be remembered.......
a story to be told.

"When our hearts turn to our ancestors, something changes inside us."

Raeann Lewis Pellegatti