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 Let’s  Track Your Ancestors Back Through Time!

Hello, my name is Raeann and I want to personally thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  I am absolutely passionate about the research I do in helping you discover your family tree!  I believe  the BEST history book you will ever read will be your own!   There are exciting adventures, love stories, and even scrupulous characters just waiting to be discovered.   For an example check out my own "Lewis Genealogy" page. 

History is interwoven
in each soul lived

My primary research focus is in the United States, where  history is rich and stories are waiting to be heard!  It’s actually in my blood to be an adventurer.  On my own exploration I learned that I am 47% Scandinavian so "Viking" is in my DNA.  This may explain why my enthusiasm can hardly be contained as every exploration in a magnificent adventure.  

 My passion in family history began 20 years ago .  It was a natural fit with my vocational background in analytical research.  Read about the discoveries under the "My Family Discoveries" section.   My abilities in "connecting the dots" and "seeing the story between the lines” is something I am able to do for you. I love searching for "facts".  It's the basis for a firm foundation on which all family trees should be planted.

 Each tree is only as strong as it's roots are deep

And my promise to you, discovering your ancestors can be a heart-felt experience for us both. We may laugh and we may cry.  I will treat your ancestors with the same respect as I have my own.

    Wouldn't it be fun to spend time with family sharing your family history

stories from the past? 

   What hidden treasures would you like to discover?

As a Certified Genealogy Researcher:

  • I will help you identify source materials you may already have.

  • We will determine the scope of your research   

  • Analyze your source materials

  • Make an action plan how I can help you

  • Interpret and report my findings

  • You receive a family history summary

  • Decorative Family Trees to share with all your family

Your Family History Detective


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