Raeann Lewis Pellegatti

Family Genealogy

Your journey of family genealogy discovery begins here.

Do Your family roots have you stumped?

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My name is Raeann and I love helping others discover the answers to these hidden mysteries!  Diving into your ancestry and getting your questions answered can be time consuming and tough to navigate.  But with my expertise in researching genealogy, family histories, and mysterious stories for you, I can take the guess work out and give you the answers you’ve been wanting!

Exploring this part of your past is exciting and I am ready to navigate this exploration with you.  You will be surprised and learn fascinating things you will be able to carry with you for generations to come!  So come on, let’s get started today!

Have you ever wondered where your grandparents were born?

Curious as to who your great grandparents were?

Would you like to learn when and why your ancestors came to America?

Could it be possible that your ancestors traveled on the Mayflower?